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DELSON SIFFERT, Electronic Engineer - ITA
IT & Telecom Senior Consultant – Engineering and Businesses

  • Siffert  is founder  and Principal of  the  “DS Consulting ” - in 1989

    • He  performed outstanding  historical projects, such as  in 1992 as Consultant for the UNITED NATIONS he searched and organized the “Directory of the Latin America Telecom Industries” ;
    • In 1998 carried out the evaluation of  the three independent Carriers (CETERP, SERCOMTEL e CRT) out of the TELEBRÁS Group, used as support  in the Brazilian privatization processes;
    • In 1968 to 74 he was  General Manager of the two biggest Carriers in Brazil, EMBRATEL and  its subsidiary TELESP (currentlyTelefônica- São Paulo) in 1968 to74 ;
    • in 1970 to 76, Technology Director of the “São Paulo Engineering Institute” and;                          
    •  in 1975 to 89, CEO of  Industries in Brazil: AEG Telefunken (Ge), ELEBRA and ALGAR (Br);
    • In 1981 to 96, founder and supervisor of  the “Telecom Engineering Pos-Graduation” at FAAP and  re-elected five times Telecom  Director of ABINEE- Electronic Industry Association ;
    • When he was only 41 years old received the invitation to be Rector of  ITA, but  he was leading a high tech Telecom manufacturing  project and  could not assume this honored function;
    • He shaped  in 2007 and  perform  to date distinguished Conventions-Debatefor “top officers”,  promoted  by Enterprise Associations as SUCESU (IT & Telecom) and ADVB( Sales and Mkt);
    • In 2014 wrote a book “Explosion of the Telecommunication- a tech-historical research of the “technology jump in Brazil” with statements of  40 highest involved public and  private  leaders .
    • He supported  from 1995 to date,  long time projects  to startup or develop businesses in Brazil
      of  25 international  industrial groups :                                                                                                        
    • Acterna (US)- Amper (Spain)- ATS (Arg)- ATT Tridon (US)- Bosch Telecom (Ge)-Comsat (US)- Datacraft (Australian)- Huawei (China)- ITDS (US)- GIC (Korea)-Lucent (US)- Marconi Wireless (UK)- Motorola (US)- NetTest (Denmark)- Newbridge (US)- RadCom (Israel)- Ray&Berndtson (US/Br)- Sagem (Fr)- Schnabel (Ge)- Siemens (Ge)-  Tellabs(US)- TechnoCom(Spain)-AustralianTrade- New Zeland Trade- Netherley Trade (US).
      and of 13 Brazilian Enterprises : Algar Telecom-  Brascan- Control-  Coimex-  Carriers CCO- CTBC- Claro- GVT- LinkSat-  Minter-  Rontan-  Tess-  Villares ;
    • Siffert  received Awards from relevant Entities , such as:

    Ministry of Communication- 1974-  “South Brazil Telecom Integration”
    GAZETA Mercantil- 1980/81- Economic Journal - twice elected “Telecom leader “                    
    ITA- 1987- First “iteano” ( graduated at  ITA) to hold  the  “Yearly Opening Lecture”
    ABINEE-Electronic Industry Association-1993- “Brazilian Telecom Industry leader”  Brazilian Chamber of DEPUTIES- 1998-  “Eminent Brazilian Technician”

  Educação Física: USP e OSEC;
-Mestrado em Adm Esportiva FMU, 98; Convenções Empresariais & Projetos de Eventos

Experiência Profissional:

  • 1987- TELESP- Monitoria de Esportes: Natação e Fut Salão;
  • 1988- SEME- Secr Munic Esporte SP: Monitoria Educação Física
  • 1989/92 - Clubes  e Academias-  MONTE LÍBANO, IPÊ Clube:  Lazer Programado;
  • 1993;95- Colégios : Arquidiocesano, Benjamin Constant, Nazáro Segal-:Professor Ed Física;
  • 1996- HOTEIS e Acampamentos- VACANCE/Águas Lindóia:  Recreação e Lazer Programado;
  • 90/91 Grupo ALGAR,/Uberlândia: Projeto e Execução  de Grêmio Recreativo;
  • 1989/2003- CULTURA, ESPORTE e LAZER: Escola de Natação e Fitness, Sócio majoritário;
  • 1991/2003: Projeto  RONDON-  Periferia SP: Organização e Execução  Torneios  e Recreação ;
  • 2004/06 : APAE-  Cpo Limpo Pta: Infra- estrutura  e Cursos de  Natação e Hidroginástica;
  • 1995 até o presente-  Associação COMERCIAL Santo Amaro- SP: Membro Fundador ;      
  • 2003 até o presente -  FEF//USP, OSEC/Sto Amaro, ESEF Jundiaí : Palestras Adm e Eventos;
  • 2007 até o presente- na DELSON SIFFERT Consultoria- Eventos Empresariais : Lay-out de materiais  promocionais e Logística para realizações de  Seminários (“Workshops”) e Convenções- Debate;